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Health Sciences South Carolina


Health Sciences South Carolina was founded in April 2004 with a vision of improving the health and economic well-being of the state through a  coordinated strategy to advance research and education. The founding partners include two of the state’s largest healthcare systems and two of the state’s research universities, Palmetto Health, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center, the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina. They created this unique public-private partnership to leverage existing resources, secure investment, attract partners, create momentum and drive results. The collaborative has grown to include Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and Clemson University and has begun affecting change and achieving results.

Collaborative partners have pledged approximately $2 million each for the next 10 years toward research projects that support their respective missions and improve the overall health status of South Carolinians and beyond. These investments are structured to be eligible for matching funds appropriated through the South Carolina Research Centers of Economic Excellence Act for professorships and the Life Sciences Act for capital construction. These investments in research, which could reach more than $200 million in the next decade, expand the opportunity to attract and recruit nationally renowned researchers, accelerate economic development, compete more effectively for national grant support and attract additional federal, state and private funds.

Learn more about Health Sciences South Carolina by visiting http://www.healthsciencessc.org.