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About the Palmetto Health Program

The Palmetto Health Business Diversity Program works to create mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse local businesses in order to strengthen the communities we serve and create value for our patients. The primary thrust of this program is to provide maximum opportunity to diverse businesses that satisfy our purchasing and contracting standards. Contracting officers in each area of the corporation are encouraged to identify and include diverse businesses in the contracting process.

To be considered for a business opportunity with Palmetto Health, companies must complete two steps:

  • Complete the online registration with VendorMate to register your company information, products and/or services
  • Identify your company's status as a small local business, a minority-owned business or a female-owned business on the registration form.

Please note that inclusion in the Palmetto Health Program database is not an implied promise to transact business with your company. When a system need arises, one of our purchasing agents or someone on our staff will query the Palmetto Health business database. Qualified businesses will then be contacted.

Our Contracting Environment

Palmetto Health prides itself on establishing relationships with the most innovative companies that provide accessibility to advanced technologies, the best products and optimal pricing.

What We Look for in a Business

Criteria used in the selection of our business partners include:

  •  Competitive pricing and "value adds"
  • Use of current and emerging technology
  • Alignment with Palmetto Health's Vision, Mission and Values
  • Financial stability
  • Reputation for Service Excellence
  • Quality goods and /or services

Three Contractual Vendor Relationships Exist

1.      Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

  • Premier
  • Sole and Multi Source Agreements
  • General MedSurg products and services

2.      Palmetto Health Corporate Agreements

           Typically cover two or more hospitals
           Sole & Multi source agreements

  • General Medsurg products
  • Maintenance, management and other support services
  • Specialized medical devices and equipment
  • Consulting and support services

3.      Hospital Based (Local) Agreements

           Unique to one hospital
           Sole & Multi source agreements

  • Facilities engineering supplies and services
  • Specialized medical devices and equipment
  • Consulting and support services
  • Design and construction supplies and services