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Organization Development

Benefits–Organization Development


As an employee, you will have access to premier services provided by Palmetto Health's Organization Development department. The department consists of three core areas: 1.) Consultation
2.) Employee Training & Development
3.) Workorce Development

Organization Development Consultants

Palmetto Health Organization Development Cconsultants are well trained to work with our leaders to achieve organization and department goals. Services include performance improvement, work process redesign, leadership development, conflict resolution, team building, coaching, facilitation, focus groups and project management.

Instructors/Training Specialist

Palmetto Health Instructors and Training Specialists are a competent and enthusiastic group of adult educators. This group serves the educational needs of Palmetto Health employees through delivery of ongoing educational and professional development classes to include: computer classes, orientation, customized-designed classes while using up-to-date training material.

Workforce Development Team

Palmetto Health's Workforce Development team ensures a steady labor supply currently and in the future through external outreach and internal employee up-skilling. Workforce Development provides a formalized career development process to help employees enhance their skills so they can reach career goals within our healthcare system. Employees may be eligible for programs such as: tuition assistance, School at Work Series (Preparatory and Study Skills), LPN to RN Transition Program, and the Workforce Assessment Program.