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Cancer Registry

Our Cancer Data Management team of experts carefully tracks each Palmetto Health patient diagnosed with cancer starting at the time of diagnosis through treatment and for life. Accurate data collection provides physicians, nurses and researchers with valuable information about how cancers are diagnosed and treated and the health status of our patients following treatment.

To view the most recently published cancer data from Palmetto Health, browse through the 2014 Cancer Program Annual Report - 2013 Statistical Year. The Cancer Data Management team provides accurate and timely reporting of all cancer cases as required by the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry Act of 1996. The registry is supported by a computer software program that facilitates the collection and retrieval of data. Precision data is provided with no patient identifiers, so local, regional, and national clinicians and researchers can study the data to drive improvements in cancer treatment and care.

The data collected by the Cancer Data Management team is reported to the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Data Base of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, impacting studies of cancer incidence, patterns of care, and outcomes on a state and national level. The Cancer Registry is one of the most distinctive services of an American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer approved cancer program; for more information, please visit the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry, National Cancer Registrars Association or the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer web site.

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