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Community Support Programs

Palmetto Health is proud to offer programs and services that benefit and support specific needs within our community. They range from education and safety programs to improving healthcare status of our neighbors.

Education Business Partnerships

  • Crayton Middle School - Palmetto Health has partnered with Crayton Middle School since 1997. Palmetto Health support includes:
    • Sponsorship of their athletics programs, summer reading program and a mentoring program for at-risk students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
    • Students also participate in Palmetto Health's Teen Talk program.
    • Our team members serve on the Student Improvement Council.
    • We sponsored their student computer lab giving students an opportunity for additional computer time after school and during lunch.
    • We also have provided the school with Automatic External Defibrillators.
    • Crayton Middle school students annually participate in the Giving Tree project by collecting new, unwrapped toys for children with sickle cell disease and their siblings.
  • Carver-Lyon Elementary School - Palmetto Health formed a partnership with Carver-Lyon Elementary school in 2001. Our involvement includes:
    • More than 60 team members participate in the school's Lunch Buddy program and also serve on the Student Improvement Council.
    • Twice a month, our team members have one-on-one meetings with students sharing fellowship, fun and food.
    • As a result of the Lunch Buddy program, most of the participating students have shown an increase in grades, better attendance and fewer discipline referrals.
    • Team members also participate in the School Improvement Council (SIC) and Career Day.
  • Edward E. Taylor Elementary School - Edward E. Taylor Elementary School is a Title One school that Palmetto Health formed a partnership with in 2003, and now has more than 50 team members involved. Our involvement includes:
    • Participate in the school's Lunch Buddy program. Twice a month, our team members have one-on-one meeting with students sharing fellowship, fun and food.
    • Participate in the school's Career Day activities and Junior Achievement program.
    • Students are now more enthusiastic about taking the PACT test and have shown improvement in their grades, behavior and attitudes.
    • The goal for our partnership is to provide workshops on stress management and conflict resolution, assist with annual CPR training and to implement a wellness/exercise program for faculty and staff. We also will teach "Babysitting Tips" to 5th graders.
  • Awards
    • Palmetto Health and Richland County School District One were one of six schools nationally to receive the Council for Corporate and School Partnerships National School and Business Partnerships Award in 2003.
    • Palmetto Health has been named Richland School District One Business Partner of the Year several times.

Good Grieving for Children and Teens
Good Grieving, developed in 1990, is a support program for children ages 5-18 and designed to help them deal more effectively with the death of a loved one. There are a series of four seasonal programs to promote a child's normal grieving process and enhance adjustment to the loss. Children are grouped by age and participate in activities that are intended to promote expression of feelings, understanding of the loss, good coping skills, and memory preservation. The child could begin with any program and work through the year to complete all four programs. 

  • Parent/Caregivers program
    The caregivers program, given on the same night as the children's program, facilitates family communication and support. The purpose of the program is to facilitate improved communication with the child and increase the families understanding of their grief. Caregivers, parents, grandparents, foster parents, and others learn about the process of children's grief and ways to support the grieving child. This program serves as an introduction to the children's program.
    • 2015 Programs - Adults and Children: January 26, April 27, July 27, November 2
  • Registration
    To register for Good Grieving, download the brochure, which includes a registration form. Prior to the program, Lynne Bridges, program coordinator, will contact you to gather some additional information regarding the child's understanding of death, individual grief reactions, and ways in which the family has helped the child to cope. Lynne also solicits personal information about the child including circumstances of the death, methods of coping, special concerns, and the child's understanding of the program. Download the January 2015 brochure.

Midlands Partnership for Community Health
The Midlands Partnership for Community Health is a coalition of four Columbia-area hospitals Palmetto Health Baptist, Palmetto Health Richland, Providence Hospital and Lexington Medical Center – which was formed in 1994 to coordinate their approaches to addressing local health problems. The program is administered through the four hospitals with financial support from 20 churches and involvement from over 100 agencies. The parish nurses serve multi-faith communities in which they develop personal relationships with those who may be living in isolation, visit them in their homes and coordinate resources that can restore their lives.

For more information, contact B. J. Roof at 803-296-5305 or click here to send us an e-mail.

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree is a Christmas project sponsored by the James R. Clark Memorial Sickle Cell Foundation and Palmetto Health which serves children (and their siblings) who are affected by sickle cell. Christmas is an especially difficult time for these families having to choose between purchasing medicine or buying gifts for their children. Children in Columbia and rural counties of South Carolina are given toys that are collected at Palmetto Health, AC Flora High School, Crayton Middle School, and other businesses in the area. You can make a tremendous difference by donating a new, unwrapped toy (appropriate for birth through 16 years of age) in December  2015.

Gifts can be delivered to the Sickle Cell Foundation at 1420 Gregg St., Columbia, SC, between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Our goal is to collect a minimum of 500 toys so that every child can receive a gift. For more details on how you or your church, school or civic group can be involved, please call Regina Brown at 803-296-2961 or click here to send us an e-mail.