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Dedicated Education Unit

Palmetto Health Baptist 3rd Averyt Palmetto Health Richland STICU

The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) is a partnership between Palmetto Health Baptist, Palmetto Health Richland and the USC College of Nursing which is funded in part by a grant from The Duke Endowment. The partnership aims to reorganize existing resources in an attempt to provide the best clinical education possible for student nurses.

The DEU is an innovative model for providing clinical education to BSN nursing students. Palmetto Health BSNs apply to become Affiliate Clinical Instructors (CIs) and are trained to function as clinical nursing faculty. Under the supervision of a Clinical Faculty Coordinator from USC, our BSNs take one or two students through a clinical semester on the units they regularly staff. 

DEU students receive a very diverse, clinically intensive 1:1 or 1:2 experience throughout the entire semester (versus the 1:8 ratio in a traditional group). They have their own patient assignment and also follow their nurse's entire  assignment. Students in the DEU get to experience "real nursing."

Several of the units with CIs have embraced this model and are becoming teaching communities, where the whole team takes ownership of the student experience and identifies learning opportunities as they arise for their CI / SN pairs. Working closely with the students gives the units the chance to develop future nurses, showcase their teams / talent, and to recruit the students for future Leadership and GN positions within Palmetto Health.