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Shawn Freeman


I come from a big family where eating was always important. We ate when we were happy and we ate when we were sad. I was a yo-yo dieter for years, gaining and losing 50 pounds many times. Having tried every diet, I considered myself an expert. But by age 29, I weighed nearly 400 pounds.

My health issues included high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. On top of all that, I developed painful back problems. I had to do something to improve my health and my life. After all, I wanted to be around to enjoy my sons growing up.

I chose Palmetto Health Baptist for my weight loss surgery, and it's changed my life. I now weigh 177 pounds, don't need any medication and feel great. My success even inspired my family, and some plan to have weight loss surgery, too. We'll no longer be a family of big people, but a family of healthy people.