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Joint Replacement Outcomes

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 What you need to know about our outcomes.

At our Total Joint Center, we recognize that the main reason that you have a knee or hip replacement is to decrease your pain and increase your activity level. We perform more than 1,000 joint replacements each year and believe that it is important to measure the outcome of these surgeries as it relates to your pain and function.

Before surgery, we ask our patients a series of questions to determine their current level of pain, motion and function. At six months following surgery, we ask our patients these same questions to determine their improvement.

Overall, our patients at Palmetto Health's Total Joint Center report a 75 percent improvement in their pain, motion and function following their total joint replacement surgery.

Below are the results for two key questions: pain walking on flat surfaces and difficulty doing light household activities. Before surgery, only 22 percent of our patients had little or no pain with walking on a flat surface. Six months after surgery, 91 percent had little or no pain when walking on a flat surface. Before surgery, only 7 percent of our patients had little or no pain going up and down stairs. Six months after surgery, 75 percent of joint replacement patients had little or no pain going up and down stairs. 

June 2011 Results

While we are proud of our outcomes at the Total Joint Center, we continue to work with our team of surgeons to further improve the results of our patients' experience.