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Total Joint Center

Having demonstrated expertise and a commitment to quality care and consistent outcomes, the Palmetto Health Total Joint Center at Richland has been desginated as a Blue Distinction® Center for Knee and Hip Replacement. 

Read about what makes the Total Joint Center special.

The objective of the Total Joint Center — one of Palmetto Health's Musculoskeletal Centers of Excellence — is to provide superior patient satisfaction through extraordinary patient care. Playing GolfThe Total Joint Center is located within the Palmetto Health Richland facility.

The goal of joint replacement is to ease pain and restore motion to knees and hips damaged by disease, injury or age. Total joint replacement procedures allow our patients to regain or maintain their functional independence and significantly improve their day to day quality of life. Our team at the Total Joint Center will support you all the way. As soon as you are considering joint replacement we will begin the education process with you and continue it through your surgery and the recovery process at home.

The Palmetto Health Approach
Our hope for you is to get you back to your daily activities as soon as possible. That is why the Total Joint Center does not approach its patients as "sick", but instead as a person who has chosen surgery to get back to doing the things that nagging joint pain has limited. We require that you chose a family member or friend who is willing to be your "coach" during the entire process. Your "coach" will serve you as encourager, personal trainer, household helper, teacher and supporter. Coaches assist patients in following guidelines set by the surgeons and other Total Joint Center staff. It is always nice to have someone to stand by you during this important process in achieving your goals. So, let's get started!  

The Total Joint Center offers a joint replacement program designed to meet all your needs, from pre-operative information through surgery and follow-up rehabilitation, always keeping your care, comfort and convenience as our primary objective. For more information about our Total Joint Center, please call 803-434-4016.  Please feel free to leave a message and the Total Joint Center manager will return your call.