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Gamma Knife Extend


Gamma Knife Extend expands the treatment options for patients with tumors that are too large and/or critically located to be treated with conventional Gamma Knife. The difference with Extend compared to conventional Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a repositional mouthpiece frame instead of the halo attachment and the ability to break up the radiation treatment into four or five smaller doses or hypofractionated treatments.  Hypofractionated doses allow treatment of larger, critically located tumors, such as those resting on the optic nerve, and minimize the side effects to surrounding tissue. 


Life is a Precious Gift 


Gail Epps, Paul Chambers, IV, Bebie Chambers and Latan Chambers Cox

Gail Epps is vivacious about life. She lived in New York most of her life, worked in New Jersey, and through a twist of events found herself living with family in Orangeburg, SC.  She's a mother, active church and community volunteer, and a brain tumor survivor.  She was treated with Gamma Knife Extend in July 2011. Read the story of Gail Epps' journey and about Bebie Chambers, her daughter, Latan, and son, Paul, who donated $100,000 to the Foundation to purchase Gamma Knife Extend.