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Music Therapy Internship

Listed on the National Roster of the American Music Therapy Association, Palmetto Health Baptist provides a 26-week internship designed to provide experience working with patients in behavioral care, oncology and pediatrics. The internship offers an opportunity to observe, co-lead and lead sessions with child, adolescent, adult and geriatric psychiatric patients, as well as sessions with patients in oncology and pediatrics.

The internship begins with a four-week orientation period that allows the intern to observe both Music Therapy and Recreation Therapy sessions. During the orientation period, the intern learns how to assess patients for treatment and develop a Music Therapy treatment plan for the patient. The intern also becomes certified in Crisis Prevention Interventions and in Heart Savers. Following this orientation, the internship is divided into two 11-week rotations. One rotation focuses on children and adolescents in Behavioral Care while the other focuses on adults and geriatrics in Behavioral Care. Room to room visits are conducted throughout the internship in oncology and pediatrics.

Music Therapy Internship Application

For more information about the Music Therapy internship, call 803.296.5546 or download our brochure.