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Full Pain Program

Behavioral Pain Management

Chronic pain is not just a physical problem. Pain often disrupts all areas of a patient’s life, causing stress and feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and guilt. These factors may hinder apatient's ability to cope and can possibly contribute to a downward spiral. Fortunately, this cycle can be broken with behavioral therapy designedspecifically for chronic pain patients. Our psychologist has extensive experience in this areato provide each patient with appropriate behavioral intevention. Therapy will address improving quality of life through better self-management and coping skills. The five week multidisciplinary treatment program, addresses pain from multiple fronts, giving patients their best chance of recovery.

Full Pain Program

The Full Pain Program (FPP) is a five week treatment program designed to address all aspects of a patient's chronic pain. This intensive, structured approach gives patients with chrnic pain the best chance of recovery.  The full pain program includes:

  • Individual and group behavioral therapy
  • Physical and Occupational therapy 
  • Physical reconditioning

Beyond the group setting, the treatment team meets and establishes individualized strategies for each patient. Many stratgies are introduced on how to the manage pain outside of medications. One concept that is integral to the Full Pain Program includes:

Work Related Injuries

The pain management and rehabilitation Center is well-versed in handling the most difficult and chronic work-related injuries. Virtually all cases reach a maximum medical improvement. We are successful in returing the majority of our patients back to their jobs, or other employment via retraining.