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Baptist Surgical Services

Surgery has long been a center of excellence at Palmetto Health Baptist. By remaining on the leading edge of medical technology at all times, the hospital attracts only the most competent surgeons and nursing staff.

A wide variety of general and highly specialized surgery is performed in the areas of orthopedics, bariatrics, neurology, urology, gynecology and others. Nearly 60 percent of all surgeries are now performed on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient has surgery, recovers and leaves the hospital within several hours.

In the fiscal year 2005, we did more than 16,000 procedures in our operating room; nearly 30 percent of these were performed using minimally invasive (endoscopic) techniques.

electronic patient tracking board

Palmetto Health Baptist offers the latest technology not only to our surgical patients, but also to their family members and friends. To help you feel more comfortable and informed when your loved one is having surgery, our surgical waiting area features an Electronic Patient Tracking Board. 

When you bring you loved one to surgery, you will receive a card with their confidential identification number and a color coded key for the locations within surgical services, such as Pre-Op, Holding, Operating Room, PACU and Post-Op. The color monitor in the surgical waiting area allows you to track your loved one through these different areas during the surgical process, while protecting his/her privacy.

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