Nurse Leader Academy

Preparing visionary nurse leaders

At Prisma Health, we are committed to creating a culture that inspires and motivates team members to excel for the benefit of all those we serve. Whether we are providing emergency care or welcoming a baby into the world, our team is dedicated to working together.

Ask any nurse and you will find that he or she was drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve or to help. At Prisma Health, we are passionate about providing our experienced nurses with quality courses and specialty training if they also have a calling to lead.

The Nurse Leader Academy aims to strengthen the performance of our nurse managers, team leaders and directors while improving the team member experience and increasing patient satisfaction.

Apply today for the Nurse Leader Academy
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Nurses may register for classes through their unit educator. 

Your path to leadership

The Nurse Leader Academy offers a foundation on which to build and develop critical leadership skills. Courses are offered through four development pathways:

  • Team Lead
  • Experienced Nurse Leader
  • New Nurse Leader
  • Director

Our academy enhances manager performance, increases team member satisfaction, improves retention of nurse management and nurtures an internal workforce pipeline for succession. Graduates of the Nurse Leader Academy will be able to better understand their own leadership approach, implement leadership techniques and have the tools to successfully plan and implement new processes and crucial conversations.

Leadership courses

We have selected courses designed to expand the knowledge, practice and character of nursing leadership for the benefit of our nurses throughout Prisma Health. We believe that Nurse Leader Academy training also will ultimately improve patient satisfaction.

The courses offered through our academy will implement soft and hard skills training and feature small workgroups. The courses focused on soft skills include communication, coaching, delegating, influencing, leadership and driving change. Our hard skills enhancement involves working with systems such as goal setting, performance management, policy and procedures, emergency management, and budget and supply. We also emphasize the development of project management skills using the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and LEAN White Belt.

All courses include:

  • Individualized attention with a limit of 15 participants per course
  • Required approval from your leader for each course
  • Syllabus to track your individual progress throughout the academy
  • Opportunity to self-identify your learning track
  • Minimized time away from your unit. Time for application of new soft skills with convenient four-hour courses offered once a week and several times per quarter


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