Staffing One Solution

Make a difference for patients and families

Staffing One Solution is a hospital-based internal staffing pool comprised of experienced registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), float advantage nurses (FANs), patient support technicians (PSTs) and nursing support assistants (NSAs) hired to support the supplemental staffing needs at Prisma Health.

As a member of the Prisma Health internal staffing pool, qualified team members are given an opportunity to work per diem, part-time and full-time hours. Our program also offers nontraditional work schedules, convenient work options and premium pay for floating nursing positions.

Join our team

Staffing One Solution allows nurses to work with the most advanced technology and the area’s leading medical professionals, while enjoying the  flexibility of meeting personal commitments. We are seeking experienced nurses to support the growth of our Staffing One Solution program. By joining our team, your skills and experience enable you to create the ultimate balance between work and life.

Prisma Health Staffing One Solution offers you:

  • Nontraditional work schedules
  • Convenient work options between Prisma Health Baptist Hospital, Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital and Prisma Health Richland Hospital
  • Premium pay for  floating RN positions
  • Skill-based assignments within service lines
  • Single- or multi-campus schedules and assignments
  • Short-term assignments
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Benefits for part-time and full-time positions

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To learn more, contact our Talent Acquisition Team, at 800-321-5552 or


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