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How to stay healthy and keep up with your kids

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It is typical for parents to get so caught up with work, family and social obligations that they tend to forget about their own health. Being able to play catch or ride bikes with your children is much easier when you are healthy and happy. Lisa Money, RDN, Apex Athletic Performance, gives these easy tips to incorporate wellness into your daily routine and improve your overall health, so you have the energy to keep up with your kids:
  • Practice mindful eating. All too often, we eat while watching television, answering emails or scrolling through our phones. This distracts our brains from noticing signals in the body concerning the taste and aroma of our food, leaving us wanting more. So when you eat, just eat. This will make you feel satisfied after a meal, and you end up eating less in a day.
  • Stop labeling foods as good or bad. You’ve probably heard someone say they ate something “bad.” The trouble with this thinking is when we limit food we truly enjoy, this causes us to eat it excessively the next time it’s available to us. Instead of labeling food as good or bad, plan to eat the food you enjoy in portions that fit with your overall goals.
  • Develop a routine that helps you know the meal is over. Finishing your meal with something sweet like a piece of fruit or a glass of chocolate milk or brushing your teeth after every meal can signal to your brain that the meal is over. 
  • Keep a food journal. Writing down every single thing you eat can help you notice bad habits. Maybe you snack when you are bored rather than when you are hungry or you have a habit of snacking because the TV is on. You have to know what the problem is before you can fix it and this type of tracking can reveal the triggers behind overeating.
  • Improve your sleep habits. One of the biggest contributing factors to weight gain is poor sleep. Poor sleeping habits lead to increased cortisol levels, which influences appetite—but not in a good way! Therefore, the simple act of getting 7–8 hours of sleep per night can help with weight loss and energy levels. 
Taking care of yourself and changing habits that influence your food choices can give you the energy you need to handle anything parenting can throw your way. Follow these tips to stay healthy and happy—not only will your body thank you, but your kids will too!

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