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Small changes, big impact

USC Family Medicine

When life gets busy, it can be hard to focus on our health. However, there are many easy changes you can incorporate into your daily routine that can make a big difference in your overall health.
What are these changes, and how can they be beneficial? Hance Oliver, MD, USC Family Medicine, said, “As a physician, it’s my job to help you.” Here are some helpful insights he gives:

  • Exercise. Exercising regularly can be the key to living a healthier lifestyle. It can help you lose weight, help prevent type 2 diabetes, and improve your overall health. Simple changes you can make in your daily life, such as taking the stairs at work or home and parking in a spot that’s farther away so you get more steps, can have a big impact. Talking to your physician before you start a new workout regimen is important because he or she can help you find an exercise plan that works best for you and your body.
  • Improve your diet. “Simple changes like eating less fat, eating more proteins and healthy carbohydrates, and drinking more water throughout the day can be very beneficial,” said Dr. Oliver. Having a healthier diet also can decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes and help with weight loss.
  • Stop smoking. “The importance of quitting smoking cannot be overemphasized,” Dr. Oliver said. Smoking just one cigarette a day can increase your risk of stroke by 25 percent and your risk of cardiovascular disease by 50 percent. There are lots of ways to get help with quitting smoking, such as talking with your physician or attending one of Prisma Health’s free smoking cessation programs.
  • See your physician regularly. Physicians can do routine screening for things like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which is associated with heart disease and stroke.
If you start out with small goals like these, there is no limit to what you can accomplish when it comes to your health. No one but yourself can hold you back, so get started and get healthy!

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