Why choose to be a nurse at Prisma Health Baptist Hospital?

At Prisma Health Baptist Hospital, our nurses deliver care through our unique nursing professional practice model. This model supports the registered nurse’s control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which care is delivered.

Our model is focused on the patient and family by the following six actions:
  • We provide safe, high-quality patient-centered care.
  • We collaborate with all disciplines.
  • We use evidence-based practice.
  • We distinguish ourselves as professionals.
  • We are driven to improve patient outcomes.
  • We have a voice through shared decision making.

Nursing annual reports

Professional development

Clinical Ladder Program

The new Clinical Ladder Program at Prisma Health Baptist Hospital supports the nursing strategic plan, specific to recruitment and retention of registered nurses, professional growth and development, and supporting quality care. The ladder recognizes clinical excellence for bedside practice, enhances employee satisfaction and validates professional nursing activity representative of Magnet® concepts of nursing excellence. The program encompasses knowledge, skill/practice development (based on Benner’s model “Novice to Expert”), professional development and organizational achievement.

The program is based upon four levels:

  • Level 1 is based on a new hire, novice or advanced beginner stage of development.
  • Level 2 is based on a competent stage of development.
  • Level 3 reflects a proficient stage of development.
  • Level 4 reflects an expert stage of development.

Nurses achieving advancement on the ladder receive a clinical incentive based on the level achieved in the ladder. The first participants to the new CLP program began submitting portfolios in January 2020 with ongoing quarterly submissions thereafter.


Advancement System for Clinical Excellence and Nursing Development (ASCEND) accepted the program’s final portfolio submissions on October 15, 2019, in preparation of transition to the Clinical Ladder Program on January 15, 2020. Current ASCEND participants will continue their previously awarded quarterly payouts for two years, at which time clinical nurses will have the option to participate in the CLP program.

Prisma Health Baptist Hospital ASCEND participants
  • Ashley Latimer
  • Karonda Hardrick
  • Courtney Royson
  • Amber Corbett
  • Audrey Brown
  • Patricia Beatty
  • Erin Oches
  • Darlene McLeod
  • Carol Tuten
  • Georgina Lucas
  • Ashley Simons
  • Emily Bethea
  • Polly Smith
  • Elizabeth Litteral
  • Tara Dunbar
  • Marcia Martin
  • Susan Bass
  • Lindsey Longshore
  • Shea Sellers
  • Tara Evans
  • Julie Buettner
  • Emily Middleton
  • Michelle Page
  • Laura Flowers
  • Deborah Mungo
  • Lina DelaCruz
  • Gayle Stewart
  • Minnie Cleveland
  • Stephanie Miller
  • Katherine Pearson
  • Katherine Decho
  • Ashley Miller
  • Suzanne Steele

Nursing recognition

At Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital, we love our nursing team members and want to see them shine. Here are some of the ways we recognize our nurses.

Daisy awards

Thousands of nurses receive Daisy nominations every year, and each receive a pin to recognize their nomination. More than 100 Prisma Health nurses have received the award and the “Healer’s Touch” statue, made by Shona artists in Zimbabwe.

  • Jan. 2019 – Thomasena Wilson
  • Feb. 2019 – Leah Heinzen, PACU
  • March 2019 – Mercedes Dia, 5th Averyt
  • April 2019 – Laura Flowers, 9th Ortho
  • May 2019 – Asiya Cotton, 8th Oncology
  • June 2019 – Diana McDuffie, 8th Medical
  • July 2019 – Melonnie Pryor, ER
  • Aug. 2019 – Veronica Legrand, 3rd Surgical
  • Sept. 2019 – Andreina Paige, 9th Ortho

Shining Star awards

  • Michelle Gryder
  • Pamela Musgrave
  • Chandre Dickerson
  • Angela York
  • Cassandra Tripp
  • Stella Graham
  • Lynette Brazell
  • Hallum Daneisha
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