HomeCare and Hospice Services

Providing care at home

The same quality care patients and families have come to trust from Prisma Health is available outside the walls of our hospitals and physicians' offices. We offer three different types of in-home care for individuals, each of which is designed with the care and support of both the patient and family in mind.

Our services

Prisma Health HomeCare

Prisma Health HomeCare an option for people of all ages recovering from a serious injury or illness. Registered nurses, physical therapists and other needed medical team members assist you on your road to recovery.

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Prisma Health Hospice

Prisma Health Hospice cares for terminally ill patients of all ages. A compassionate, multidisciplinary team provides the medical, emotional, social, and spiritual support necessary to allow families to remain together in peace, comfort and dignity.

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Palliative Care
Prisma Health Palliative Care

Prisma Health Palliative Care is a program to support and treat individuals in need of pain relief from an injury or illness. A team of medical and support staff work to help patients have the highest quality of life possible.

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Contact us

Please call 803-296-3100 or 800-238-1884 for more information about HomeCare, Hospice or Palliative Care services.

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